ES Nov20
Costume Day at it's finest!

This week, we focus on gratitude, ending with a beautiful expression of this sentiment at our annual Thanksgiving Holiday drive and assembly.  I want to strongly encourage you to not only contribute with your donations, but that you consider joining the visits to one or both of the locations.  Zumbahua is located in a beautiful Andean area where life is lived in dramatically different ways than what we experience.  How wonderful for our students to learn about other cultures and ways of life in experiential ways.  Visit will take place on Saturday, December 1.  Families will leave Cotopaxi at 8 a.m.  The second location is the Venezuelan refugee center that is hosted by Nuestros Jovenes.  The visit to this location will take place on Saturday, November 24.  This center does present a challenging social reality that is witnessed in our city.  It is another opportunity for your family to learn about social issues.  Please complete this form if you are interested in attending. 

And then, we have an opportunity in house for you to learn about issues that impact our community of learners.  I hope to see many of you at the November 26 parent learning morning.  

Please stay tuned for an invitation from our Spanish department to engage in learning about our host city.  You have the opportunity to make learning palpable for your children and we want to invite you to engage in representing your appreciation for this amazing city symbolically.  We will exhibit your representations during our Quito celebrations. 

Inquiry Corner
At our PYP Assembly Grade 2 students will showcase their learning on how our actions impact local and global communities.  The presenters are Global Contributors who have found a problem, gathered data, created solutions, and measured their impact at our school.

During this week ask your child what they learned from our Grade 2 Global Contributors.  How will we think of trash in our world from now on?  What actions can we take to make the world a better place in terms of trash?

Thank you Grade 2 for inspiring each of us to become Global Contributors in Principled and Caring ways!

Paola de Pereira
Elementary Principal