Community AC

Our Community



Las Actividades Extracurriculares y Deportes son ofrecidas por el colegio durante tres sesiones, de lunes a jueves de 15h10 a 16h00.

Transporte Escolar

El servicio de transporte es opcional y se determina de acuerdo al lugar de residencia/domicilio.

Cafeteria Menu

Summary: Find out what’s being served up in our cafeterias! Find healthy and balanced meals every day!

Facilities Services

Our facilities include the largest school library in Ecuador, a semi-Olympic sized swimming pool, Athletics Center, covered parking, music complex, black box theatre and maker space. We continually invest in the maintenance and renovation of our school campus and its learning spaces.

Oficina Medica

The school has fully qualified medical staff to deal with routine sickness as well as injury. Our medical office is an important resource for our community; keeping our students, staff and families healthy.